The situation in Mahabad is currently critical and in need of great attention.



Since the beginning of the demonstrations and revolution in East Kurdistan, the Iranian regime has not spared any kinds of attacks and crimes in this region. Hundreds of people have been martyred and thousands have been injured, imprisoned and detained in the past two months.

Most cities in East Kurdistan are militarized and citizens live in hostile circumstances.
A curfew has been imposed in the city of Mahabad since the evening of Saturday November 19, 2022. According to reports, the Iranian regime has entered the city with heavy weapons and armed forces of the Revolutionary Guards. The Islamic regime is not only shooting at people in the city of Mahabad, but also into people’s homes. Consequently, there is a danger of genocide and massacre in this Kurdish city.

We call on the leaders of the world and the international community to stand against this atrocity. We ask you to not remain silent against the killing of the people of East Kurdistan and to implement a no-fly zone over the air of East Kurdistan as soon as possible.

Kurdistan Independence Alliance




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