Sardar Waladbeigi: The desire of the Kurdish people is independence, not federalism, nor confederalism, nor autonomy.


Sardar Waladbeigi, Member of the leadership of the Kurdistan independence movement :

Hello conference participants and have a good time

Today I want to look at the history and past of Kurdistan revolutions and discuss the role of the Kurds in the future of the Middle East.

The Kurdish nation has been divided into four artificial countries by several world powers without any questioning and outside its will. For this reason, the Kurdish nation has been fighting for freedom in all four divided and occupied parts of Kurdistan for more than a hundred years Successive Kurdish revolutions are undeniable evidence of Kurdish dissatisfaction with this division.

The revolutions of Sheikh Obaidullah Nahri, Hamzagha of Mangur, Sheikh Saeed Piran, Sayyid Reza of Dersim, the revolution of Jajukhan and Sardar Ayvaz Khan of Khorasan, the revolution of Qadam Khair Qalawand of Lorestan, the revolution of Smail Agha Samko, the father of Kurdish nationalism, Revolution of Alimardan Khan, Sardar Asad and Sardar BiBi Maryam Bakhtiari ; Revolutionary Ararat, Sheikh Mahmoud Barzanji, Daud Khan Kalhur, the Kurdistan Republic in Mahabad, the Barzan Revolution and dozens of other revolutions were all held to liberate Kurdistan from occupation and to establish an independent Kurdistan state.

All these revolutions from independence to the Kurdistan Republic were in the direction of establishing an independent Kurdistan state and this shows the fact that until the Kurdish nation achieves its true desire, ie the establishment of the Kurdistan state, the Middle East will not see peace and stability Here, the duty of all other occupied nations and all those who think of a peaceful and stable Middle East is to support the issue of Kurdistan statehood, while justifying this right for the Kurdish nation.

After the Kurdistan Republic, unfortunately, some Kurdish forces and parties, by raising a number of slogans far from the will of Kurdish society, adopted a policy and method that could not and can not respond to the real demands of the Kurdish nation and Kurdish street.

To find the will of the Kurdish street and the will of the Kurdish nation and society, we must listen to the Kurdistan uprising street in the revolution of life with the slogan of women, life and freedom.

The slogans are “Unless the Kurds have a state, this will be their share”, “Iranian invader, you are the murderer of our lives”, “As long as there is a Kurd, Kurdistan will remain”.

They prove the fact that the Kurdish nation wants its own state, identity and political sovereignty.

Contrary to all the propaganda and advertising that some parties had been carrying out for years on the issue of Iranianization of Kurds, not a single slogan was uttered in the Zhina Revolution that smelled of being Iranian and staying within Iranian framework They have suffered defeat and the only dominant language of Kurdish society is the language of independence, not federalism, autonomy or confederation.

If we take a brief look at the main slogan of the Zhina Revolution, which originated from the philosophy of a great Kurdish man, we can clearly see that the content of this slogan talks about social justice, equality and equality It must be looked at and can become the basis of a new renaissance not only for Kurdistan and the Middle East, but for the entire developed world and human society of the whole world.

While the Kurdish nation took to the streets with these slogans, in Tehran, the capital of the Iranian occupation, who define themselves as having a false history of two thousand five hundred years, they appeared with empty slogans full of insults and insults.

The Kurds talked about equality and justice. They used to say: Sabzi plu ba mahiya na inuri  na inuri and empty slogans far from all the moral principles of a modern and advanced society.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that without a solution to the Kurdish issue and without the establishment of an independent Kurdistan state, neither any of the other nations of the occupied territories in the Middle East will achieve their rights.



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