Zara Mohammadi sentenced to 5 years in prison.


the Kurdish language teacher and social activist Zara Mohammadi has been sentenced to 5 years in prison by the islamic republic judiciary.

Zara Mohammadi was charged with ” establishing a committe against the stability and security of the Iranian system”.
Zara was informed a few days ago by the judiciary of sannandaj that she has to serve her sentence in prison according to her activity in the Nojin Association.
Nojin Association is a socio-cultural Association which has been holding Kurdish language courses and zara is the board member of this Association.

Iran bans Kurdish language and teaching Kurdish is a crime. Most of the Kurdish people in Iran are not able to read and write in their mother tongue.
The terrorist Iraninan oppressive regime seeks to assimilate the Kurds by prohibiting their mother tongue. The repressive regime of the Islamic republic fears about the Kurdish nation independency then ups pressure on Kurds.
The Islamic republic of Iran thinks that the Kurds will fear learning their mother tongue with the arrest of Zara but the opposite has happend indeed.
Today hundreds of teachers like Zara have emerged to teach Kurdish to their nation and the Kurds are more and more eager to learn their mother tongue.

By: Yarsan



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