The fourth anniversary of the southern Kurdistan referendum.


By:Bahozikurdistan Sarvin

Today was the fourth anniversary of the southern Kurdistan referendum. Four years ago, on such a day, the Kurds proved that they want independence and the right to self-determination.

The territory of Kurdistan has been occupied by occupying countries such as Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. this occupation must end and the land of Kurdistan must be added to the geography of the world.

Today a ceremony was held in london due to Kurdistan fourth anniversary referendum.

At the begining ey raqib song was sung and then Several prominent Kurdish figures spoke and pointed out that the key to Kurdish victory is unity and that we should all unite under the flag of Kurdistan.

On the occasion of this day, once again they said yes then, yes now and yes forever. they had lunch together, danced and took photos.

We hope that the land of Kurdistan will be added to the world map and the Kurds achieve their long-held dream.



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