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Following are the outcomes and recommendations of the Ahwazi Martyr’s Day memorial conference, which was organized by the National Council of the Ahwazi Revolutionary Forces on the 19th of June 2022
We, the Ahwazi and Arab organizations, the occupied and oppressed non-Persian nations, and the civil and human rights figures who participated in the Ahwazi Martyr’s Day conference, affirm the following:
1. We condemn in the strongest terms the Iranian occupation of the state of Ahwaz and the states of other non-Persian peoples such as South Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Baluchistan, and South Turkmenistan on the political map of what is now called Iran. The signatories consider the Iranian occupation as a flagrant violation of international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that confirmed and affirmed the right of peoples to self-determination as well as the end of colonialism, oppression, and foreign persecution. We also stress that Iran’s continued occupation and oppression of these nations is a key factor in depriving these peoples of their most basic human rights, which is reflected in Iran’s expansionist terrorist behavior and targeting security and stability in neighboring countries and the region to prevent the progress of peoples and countries towards freedom, democracy, growth, prosperity, and free and dignified life.
2. We affirm our support for the protests, demonstrations, and resistance taking place in the occupied lands of non-Persian nations and Persian cities that suffer from the Iranian occupation and systematic oppression by the Iranian regime.
3. We condemn the policy of ethnic cleansing and demographic change practiced by the Iranian occupation authorities against the non-Persian nations. We also condemn the looting of the wealth and bounties of these peoples and their wealth used to support terrorism and the financing of militias and the criminal cell in the countries of the region and the whole world and the financing of their military, militia, and missile and nuclear projects.
4. We demand the international community immediately stop the Iranian nuclear project, which is destabilizing regional and international peace and security.
6. We condemn in the strongest terms Iran’s financing of terrorist militias in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon, and we call on the international community to desiccation all of Iran’s financial resources.
7- We, the conferees, and the signatories affirm that the front against the expansionist Iranian terrorist project begins with the nations occupied by Iran in what is known as Iran’s political geography and extends to the countries of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, the Arab Gulf states and all countries that suffer from Iranian terrorism state.
8- We call on the international community to stop the terrorist activities of the Revolutionary Guards and the Quds Force’s killing militias that target the Iranian regime‘s political activists and opponents worldwide.
9- We call on the international community to urgently support the demonstrators in the areas occupied by Iran and in general what is known as Iran’s political geography.
10- We call on the international community and the Security Council states to compel Iran to respect international law and to allow people to express their demands peacefully and without being subjected to oppression, arrest, torture, and killing.
11- We call on the UN Human Rights Council to work on visiting prisons to stop Iran’s crimes against prisoners and political prisoners and to compel Iran to immediately release all political prisoners.
12- We affirm that regional and international security and stability are essential and that Iran, which practices terrorism, spreads sectarianism and extremism and uses all of this to pass its aggressive and expansionist malicious policies against countries and peoples of the region, and the world does not stop its aggressive policies until the termination of this terrorist regime, through a unified and firm regional and international stance, supporting the struggle of oppressed and occupied peoples, recognizing their national and human rights, and allowing them to determine their own destiny in accordance with international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The signatories:
1. The National Council of the Ahwazi Revolutionary Forces
2-Front Of Nation for Self Determination
3-South Azerbaijani Independence Party
4-South Turkmenistan National Democratic Front
5-South Turkmenistan Human Rights Centet Canada
6-South Azerbaijani Human Rights Center
7-Kurdistan Independence Alliance HSK
8-Yari Kurd Yarsani organization
9-Kurdistan revolutionary union
10-Kurdistan liberal democratic movement
11-Patriotic Kurdistan of the Party
12-Kurdistan indepedent movement
13-Ahwazi Democratic Front
14-Balochistan National Solidarity Party
15-Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front(ADPF)
16-Council of Iraq’s Arab clans in southern Iraq / Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ghanim, Secretary-General of the Council
17-Movement for the Liberation of the Homeland of Syria
18-Sherif Abdel Hamid, President of the Gulf Center for Iranian Studies – Egypt
19-Attorney Sheikh Ali Issa Al-Obaidi, Secretary General of the Union of Syrian-Iraqi Arab Tribes and Clans
20-Dr. Faisal Fulad Kingdom of Bahrain /Parliamentarians Association for Ahwaz
21-The National Coalition to Save Iraq
22-Dr. Abd al-Salam al-Tai, President of the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Scandinavia
23-The Ambassador of Arab Media in International Institutions, Mrs. Lubna Al-Tahlawi Al-Juhani – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
24-Pioneers of the Lebanese Renaissance Movement – Republic of Lebanon
25-Center for Strategic Arabic Studies in Latin America



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