Cruelty free hospitals in roj halat is a must.


Today we see that all animal rights activists and most people use cruelty free hashtag on instagram and twitter.
cruelty free means that no violent testing have been performed on the animals.
Rabits are chosen in this procedure by Cosmetic companies to find out if they have produced a high quality products. The animal may die or loose its organ during the expriment. The animals are being tortured for human purposes.
Millions of people hashtagged this brutal action around the world and called on cosmetics companies to stop the barbaric nature of animal testing. And there were even campaigns in which people refused to buy cosmetics that were not cruelty free, and by sharing this issue, asked others not to buy these items.
On the other side of the world, beyond the borders in the east, there is a land called Rojhalat, which is occupied by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
We are not going to talk about cosmetics companies or point out what percentage of women there use cosmetics,
we are talking about a kind of violence, not against the animals of that land, but the violence that the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic is committing against the Kurds of the Eastern Kurdistan.

Every year, several medical students graduate from Iranian universities who do not have much experience in medicine. Therefore, they need to gain experience to become competent doctors.
The Islamic Republic sends these inexperienced doctors to the cities of Kurdistan to gain experiences and become skilled doctors,
and also To do their experiments on the Kurds and if a medical error occurs, this error should be done on the Kurds.
Kurdistan hospitals look like hospitals, but they are actually slaughterhouses where butchers perform their experiments on Kurds.
If it is successful, it will be fine, and if it is not, they will be sent to a morgue.
These doctors return to Persian cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, etc.
when they have gained full experience and performed their experiments and become skilled doctors.
Thousands of innocent Kurds are dying because of their medical errors.
No one uses cruelty free hashtag for innocent Kurds and every day innocent Kurds die this way and lose their lives.

we hope one day the Kurds have the right to have a experienced and skilled medical staff and no living creature torture another living creature for its own benefit and may no other families lose their beloved ones in roj halat Kurdistan.

By: Sarvin Bahozikurdistan



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