We will not forgive and we will not forget. Mr Banisadr, You have not untied your boots yet.


Jamal Poorkarim, leader of the Kurdistan independence movement:

Not only Reza khan, Pahlavi but also, Khomeini, khalkhali and Banisadr were brutal criminal. They had not refrained from any crimes against the Kurdish nation. Their issued Jihad fatwa was once called territorial integrity and Iranian integrity and once again under the title of Jihad against infidels has been implemented.
With the death of Khomeini his Jihad fatwa against Kurdish nation did not end and the massacre and genocide of the Kurds is on progress in the same way. The Iranian revolutionary guards and the occupying army crimes against Kurds did not end with the death of Banisadr. Although they think the Kurdistan genocide is over, but still their boots are untied and committing crimes in Kurdistan.
We as a Kurdish nation, will never forget and we will never forgive. We will not give up untill we reach freedom, independence and establishmemt of Kurdistan and we will stand against your revolution and your fake Iran.

The day of your mourning and death is the day of our celebration and joy, but I wish You did not die a natural death and, like Saddam, in our court We signed your death sentence.



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